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Aug 30, 2013 8:00am PDT
is sean salisbury, a former nfl quarterback and one of the plaintiffs in that suit. good to have you here. before we talk about the financial aspect of this the 7 65 million dollar settlement you say you're a walking train wreck after your sports career. several have compared this case to the massive litigation against big tobacco. what does it mean for you and the other thousands of nfl players to see a settlement? >> i think it shows the compassion for the nfl. number two i'll speak to myself and guys i've talked to and know who have gone through this. when you see a former player who can't remember how to take his kid to school and you see what has happened to junior seau and players who contemplate it every day. some something like this comes down and almost a billion dollars, we are humble and blessed and i don't like when people say the nfl hid it. i don't think the nfl was as educated or informed then either. . you some smelling salts on and go back into the game. it means a lot. when my doctor sits across from me when you talk about a train wreck when he sits across from me and i
Aug 15, 2013 8:00am PDT
, sean spicer at the rnc annual meeting. governor christi will be speaking there tooth today. the rnc readopted their platform against same-sex marriage early this year. do you think chris christie is looking like that moderate republican. they want to see hip as a straight shooter, but when it comes to an issue like this, socially he looks behind the teams. >> chris christie is not a moderate republican. he talks a good game. on issues like this that are very important to the majority of the people of the state of new jersey he's on the wrong side and he should get on the right side. >> great to have you here, sir. thanks for making time for me, i really appreciate it. thanks for the book, too. >>> another court defeat for california's proposition 8 the state's supreme court yesterday refusing to revive the legal challenge for the marriage pan. it was reinstated after a supreme court decision earlier this summer. >>> so, send in the clowns. have you heard about the rodeo crown who got kicked out of the missouri state for wearing an obama mask in he's been invited to the lone start st
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2